What Stylist is Best for You?

A Stylist’s level is determined by experience and client demand. All of our team attend educational classes and shows all over the East coast, 4-6+ times per year. 

Level 1 – New Talent
At this level the stylist has already graduated Cosmetology School and has been our Apprentice for 9-12 months. They are available to do basic cuts and color. All color consultations will be a collaboration with your stylist and an elder stylist to ensure appropriate color formulation and technique. Following your appointment the owner may send the client a brief survey pertaining to their experience. Honest feedback is essential for the stylist’s growth.

Level 2 – Associate Stylist
These stylists have earned and gained another level of experience and confidence behind the chair. They are more experienced to manage some consultations on their own as well as develop some color formulations. They also have gained more knowledge on face and head shapes and  hair textures to achieve more advanced cuts and styles.

Level 3 – Lead Stylist
A Lead stylist has acquired a great amount of experience with all aspects of hair and communication. They are problem solvers, well educated, educators, and experienced enough to achieve more advanced color techniques, color corrections, cuts and styles.  They also have an extensive clientele. 

Level 4 – Master Stylist
A Master stylist has the largest demand for their time behind the chair. They have an advanced level of education and are phenomenal communicators. At this point of their career they are booked for several months in advance. They are exceptional professionals who inspire and educate their teammates and clients.

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